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M/s Kinnaur Height Traders & Exporters is set up primarily to help farmers and growers from the tribal areas of Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti of Himachal Pradesh to market their produce so as to enhance their standard of lives. A number of UNIQUE edible products are grown/produced by these people on the treacherous & hostile terrains of these mountains under difficult conditions but are not able to sell their products effectively with the result that these people are not getting the right price for their products.

Products like Chulli Oil (Wild Apricot Oil), Chilgoza (Pine Nut), Kala Zeera (Black Cummins), Chestnut Fruit, Walnuts, Almonds, Kidney Beans (Red, Yellow & White), Guchchi (wild dried mushrooms), Fafra flour, Kinnauri apples etc. are produced by these growers but their products are not able to reach the market where there is a great demand of these products. Due to bad road conditions, lack of funds, harsh weather and lack of knowledge of marketing etc. had made their products non-profitable. Even the funds put by them to grow these products are not recovered sometimes.

We are constantly in touch with a number of growers of these regions and extending them every possible help to buy their products and market them all over the country even outside India also. It is worth mentioning here that the products given above are all produced organically and have medicinal properties which can cure a number of ailments.




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